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Posted July 16, 2024 by

8 tips for government agencies who want to hire students, recent grads for human resource jobs

In an effort to guide a large governmental agency in attracting the next generation of talent, we’ve compiled insights from eight industry experts, including Heads of Human Resources and CEOs. Their advice ranges from offering hands-on internship experiences to highlighting growth and impact opportunities, providing a comprehensive look at strategies for drawing college students and […]

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Posted July 15, 2024 by

7 tips for government agencies trying to recruit students, grads for early career hospitality jobs

In the competitive world of hospitality, attracting fresh talent is key to innovation and growth. We’ve gathered seven pieces of advice from top industry professionals, including a Chief Human Resources Officer and a Bookings Director, to guide large governmental agencies. From promoting career growth and development to leveraging a strong online recruitment presence, these insights […]

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Benefits to working or studying abroad that are significantly greater for diverse students

The benefits of studying or working abroad extend beyond academics or professional experience. These opportunities can lead to profound personal and social development, equipping the students with the tools to navigate and succeed in an increasingly globalized world. But are these benefits greater for students who are LGBTQ+, first generation, Black, Latinx, economically disadvantaged, women, […]

Posted July 12, 2024 by

How to evaluate the ROI of your job board vendors

Earlier today, I had an interesting call with a long-time acquaintance who is very, very well respected as one of the world’s foremost hiring experts. Every time I get to speak with him, it is a real treat as he’s gracious and full of wisdom that he gladly shares. The question that he asked was […]

Posted July 11, 2024 by

Making new hires feel special when they are being onboarded with 25 other new hires

Cohosts Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter and Jeanette Leeds are joined today on the High Volume Hiring Podcast by Alexandria Cramer, Vice President of People and Places for Enable, a B2B, rebates, management company. Enable has about 700 employees in five countries and 23 U.S. states. And it also has one of the most thoughtful […]

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What’s the difference between a recruiter and a hiring manager?

There are plenty of examples in life of something that many others taking for granted but which are a surprise to us. Is that because they’re brilliant, we’re dumb, or both? Sometimes, but probably far more often it is simply a function of those other people having a lot more experience than we do. They’ve […]

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3 must have’s for successful job match alert emails

Industry veteran, Christopher Campbell of Reticular Media, joins us today for an episode of the Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces Podcast that will be of great interest to any job board / recruitment marketplace that sends bulk, commercial emails such as job match alerts. Sending thousands, tens of thousands, or even more emails a […]

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Posted July 10, 2024 by

9 tips for how government agencies can recruit students, recent grads for early career healthcare jobs

In the quest to draw in the bright minds of college students and recent graduates to the healthcare sector within the government, we’ve gathered insights from medical directors and founders. From focusing on operational excellence to personalizing impact and streamlining applications, explore the nine pieces of advice these professionals have offered to make governmental healthcare […]

Posted July 09, 2024 by

Is it true that 80% of job openings are not advertised?

The claim that 80 percent of job openings are unadvertised, often referred to as part of the “hidden job market,” originates from research and observations dating back several decades. The specific origin of the claim that 80 percent of job openings are unadvertised is difficult to trace to a single source, as it has been […]

Posted July 08, 2024 by

Major elections can greatly impact prospects for diverse job seekers

What do India, United Kingdom, France, and the United States all have in common? Well, plenty, including that they’re four of the world’s largest democracies and they’ve experienced or are about to experience major, national elections. Elections matter, but not just in terms of what roads are built, how easy it is for people to […]