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Can recruiter enablement really save recruiters 64 minutes per day? | ep61

Adam Gordon is the Co-Founder of Poetry, a start-up based in Glasgow, Scotland. Poetry is a recruiter enablement platform that allows recruiters to share brand assets like logos and other graphics, job posting templates, and onboarding and other documents. Instead of each hunting around for what they need, Poetry puts all at their fingertips. The […]

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Great remote jobs in HR for those early in their careers

As the pandemic retreats further and further into the past, more and more employers are encouraging and even requiring their employees to return to the office at least some or even all of the time. For those who are considering entering a role within human resources or perhaps already are in that field, finding a […]

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Impact of Indeed killing organic postings for employers

When there’s news about Indeed, there’s no one better at deciphering it than Jim Durbin a/k/a The Indeed Whisperer. Jim has been on just about every side of the recruitment marketing desk, including as a talent acquisition leader, at one of the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) organizations, and now at the helm of […]

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Posted April 17, 2024 by

Can healthcare professionals work remotely?

I’ll joke sometimes that everyone should work from home, even surgeons. The truth is that it wasn’t all that long ago when surgery was performed in the home — typically that of the patient — which might explain why so many ended up dying from the surgery or from an infection they got during the […]

Posted April 16, 2024 by

Best gig jobs for those who want to work remotely

When people think of gig jobs, they often think of rideshare workers like those who drive for Uber or those who deliver groceries or even packages for Amazon. There are loads of gig jobs that require the worker to drive and loads that don’t. But one thing that all gig jobs have in common is […]

Posted April 15, 2024 by

What remote jobs are available for those in food service?

When I think of food service jobs, I think of jobs in restaurants. Some are back-of-house such as cooks and dishwashers. Some are front-of-house, such as waiters and bartenders. But they’re all in person. Or are they? Are there jobs for people who both want to work in food service and work remotely? We asked […]

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Posted April 12, 2024 by

Great remote jobs in finance

Finance is almost inherently a knowledge-based field. Early during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of finance workers suddenly found themselves working from home. For some, working remotely was great. For others, they couldn’t wait to get to the office full-time. And for still others, going from fully in-person to fully remote allowed them to […]

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Posted April 11, 2024 by

Great remote job opportunities in education

The world of work has certainly changed over the years. One of the biggest changes began before Covid but really took off during the years of the pandemic. That change was remote work. Every industry and many, many occupational fields were impacted by remote work, including education. Today, many in education still work remotely, either […]

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Posted April 10, 2024 by

Great remote jobs for customer service workers

Working remotely, at least part of the time, is something desired by many and perhaps most employed in customer service jobs. It is hard to envision some customer service jobs ever being done remotely, such as a return counter at a Target or Walmart, while it is very easy to envision others, such as those […]

Posted April 09, 2024 by

You might be surprised, but there are construction and skilled labor jobs that are remote

When the world of work changed almost completely and almost overnight in the spring of 2000 due to Covid, it suddenly became apparent to many that some workers could fairly easily work remotely while others absolutely could not. But some generalized that too much by looking not just at occupational fields which were or were […]