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Posted June 07, 2023 by

Freelancers with MBAs make an average of $61/hour. Can you guess what those without an MBA make?

Freelancing might not be the first thing on a newly-minted MBA’s mind. Unlike bachelor’s degrees, MBAs don’t often come with full scholarships; students often work full-time while earning their degrees. Understandably, earning an MBA can take a lot out of a student, and the prospect of freelancing upon graduation might seem like a “big risk, […]

Posted June 06, 2023 by

Top 25 podcasts for talent acquisition professionals

There must be thousands of podcasts that help, directly or indirectly, talent acquisition professionals get their work done more effectively, efficiently, or both. But no one has time to listen to thousands, let alone hundreds or even dozens. This alphabetized list of what I feel are 23 of the best, audio podcasts available on Spotify […]

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Posted June 05, 2023 by

Top 10 podcasts for early career job seekers

There must be hundreds and probably thousands of podcasts that provide a regular, wealth of information and insights that help college and university students and recent graduates as well as others who are searching for early career job opportunities. The best of these podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of the […]

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Posted June 02, 2023 by

8 of the most important factors to candidates applying to early career jobs

One of the nice things about my role as the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer for College Recruiter is that I get to have a lot of high-level conversations with a lot of brilliant, wise people from a wide variety of industries, countries, organizations, cultures, and more. And one of the pieces of information that […]

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Posted June 01, 2023 by

Is it true that the more diverse a workforce, the more productive is that workforce?

Diversity can indeed have a positive impact on productivity, innovation, and overall performance in the workplace, but it’s not as simple as saying, more diversity equals more productivity. Diversity, of course, means different things to different organizations, and it can even mean different things within an organization. To an organization providing childcare, hiring more men […]

Posted May 31, 2023 by

Will AI benefit higher-skilled workers more, just like calculators did?

In my blog post yesterday, I tried to make the argument that the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into our personal and professional lives will impact different kinds of workers differently. I am confident that is the case but far less confident that I or anyone else can accurately or even reasonably predict who will […]

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Posted May 30, 2023 by

Will AI benefit lower-skilled workers more, just like calculators did?

I’m 57 years old and, therefore, too young to remember a time when calculators were new to the workforce. My parents, however, were born in the 1930s and so came of age before calculators existed and were well into their adult years before calculators started to appear in offices and then classrooms. I remember, however, […]

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Posted May 26, 2023 by

Top 7 Zoom or other video job interview tips for diverse students, grads

Video interviews are increasingly popular with employers as they typically provide an efficient and effective way for employers and candidates to connect remotely. But video job interviews, like telephone job interviews, require meticulous preparation and savvy execution. Here are some tips to help you shine: Remember, the goal of a video interview is to secure […]

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Posted May 25, 2023 by

Top 7 telephone job interview tips for diverse students, grads

Telephone job interviews are often used as an initial screening tool by employers. They provide a cost-effective and time-efficient way for organizations to assess whether a candidate is a potential fit. Even though the process is conducted remotely, telephone job interviews require as much preparation and skill as traditional face-to-face interviews. All candidates, diverse or […]

Posted May 24, 2023 by

8 ways AI will transform job search for students, recent grads

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology like ChatGPT is transforming various aspects of life, including how students and recent graduates apply to part-time, seasonal, internship, and other early career job opportunities. The changes are happening in multiple ways that are reshaping how people seek, apply, and land jobs. This transformation is not just making […]